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What would I be doing at His cross or at His throne?

When you gather together with fellow Christians in order to worship the almighty God, how does that "activity" and "opportunity" affect you? Consider the fact that in worship you are entering into the very presence of God--stepping into His throne room and appearing before Him. Or consider it from another viewpoint--you are standing before the cross of Jesus and watching Him suffer and die for you. As you think about either (or both) of these breathtaking experiences, ask yourself what you would or wouldn't be doing in that setting.

When you stand before the throne of God or before the cross of Jesus, can you envision yourself checking Facebook, writing your to-do list for the week, sipping your favorite coffee, playing a game on your phone, reading a book, wearing immodest apparel, exhibiting a lack of interest in what's happening, sitting at a distance (like in the lobby) and chitchatting with others?

We gather in His presence to honor and extol the Almighty! Let us focus on doing that!