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What was most important to my parents?

There are many things that stand out in my mind about what was important to my parents when I was a kid. I remember them sacrificing to send me to a private school. I remember them sitting in the bleachers at every home basketball game. I remember them making sure I had every single need met, so that I could achieve whatever I wanted to achieve.

But, there is something that stands out above the rest. I remember being at church EVERY time the doors were open, without a single exception. I remember worshiping in churches all across this nation as we traveled, because that was still our priority even when out of town. I remember helping my dad with countless projects for the church and at the church building. I remember my parents hosting numerous church events and Bible studies in our home.

When your kids leave home, what will they remember being the most important thing to you? Will it be of an earthly (temporal) significance? Or an eternal one? You may be creating lots of memories with your kids, but none will matter if they are not solidly on the path to heaven!