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What do you bring into your home?

Some members of the family are the "bread winners." Some are the "bargain finders." Some are the organizers, some are the cleaners, some are the cooks, some are the jack-of-all-trades.

But when it comes to the peaceful well-being of your home, what do you bring? Sometimes we think we need to have the nicest of things in our homes and have the best of foods on the table. But, is that really what you need to bring into your home? For some of us, we bring "strife" into the house, rather than peaceful "quietness" (Prov. 17:1). Some bring a "hot temper," rather than a "slowness to anger" (Prov. 15:18). Some bring "laziness," rather than "diligence" (Prov. 12:24). Some bring "foolishness," rather than "understanding" (Prov. 15:14). Some bring "selfishness," rather than "selflessness" (Phil. 2:3-4).

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Inside a family, it is imperative that we all bring the very best that we can! What do you bring? What could you bring? Think about it!