Let's Go Back to the Bible

The ground of a rich man yielded plentifully

So, does God take care of the rich people, too? The way that “rich people” are villainized today, one might think that God should be “for” the poor and “against” the rich. But, that’s not the way that it works at all.2019-11-25-The-ground-of-a-rich-man-yielded-plentifully

In Luke 12, Jesus told the parable of “a certain rich man,” and it says that his “ground… yielded plentifully” (12:16). While the rich man lived on that “ground,” the ground actually belonged to God! And when that rich man properly prepared that soil and planted the seed, God’s ground did the same thing for that rich man as it would have done for a poor man. It yielded plentifully! God’s natural goodness shines forth and descends upon all people, without partiality (Matt. 5:45). He does not hold back natural good from those who may not agree with Him, nor does He limit how much one may profit from His natural order and natural goodness.

Thank God for His impartiality! May we learn to “be sons of our Father” and be like Him!