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Resist the vortex

Some people are like a vortex, in that they seem to catch you in their swirl and gradually draw you into them. Sometimes it's their personality that sucks you in and drives you to please them. Sometimes it's their beauty, sometimes it's their popularity, sometimes it's their power, sometimes it's their wealth. And, before you know it, you are thinking like them, talking like them, wanting what they want, and swirling in fluid and synchronized motion with them.

In some cases, this may not be a bad thing. A Christian husband and wife could be said to be in a vortex together. God joined them together as one (Matt. 19:4-6), and they must stick together as "joint-heirs" (1 Pet. 3:7). But there are others, including some brethren, of whom we must be cautious. It is so easy to get drawn into certain people and situations that we do not evaluate our thoughts, our steps, our words, our desires, etc. And, before you know it, we are swirling around in perfect unison...with them. Friend, be careful! Resist the vortex!