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Reminder: Every person is a PSMITIOGWNTBS

Just in case anyone needs a reminder. The player who kneels is a Precious Soul Made In The Image Of God Who Needs To Be Saved. The player who doesn't kneel is a PSMITIOGWNTBS. The fan who approves of the kneeling is a PSMITIOGWNTBS. The fan who doesn't approve is a PSMITIOGWNTBS. The sports announcer who talks about it is a PSMITIOGWNTBS. The media reporter who makes a big deal about it is a PSMITIOGWNTBS. Your friend on Facebook who writes about it is a PSMITIOGWNTBS. The person with whom you disagree vehemently about this issue is a PSMITIOGWNTBS. The President is a PSMITIOGWNTBS. And you, yes, you are a PSMITIOGWNTBS.

The devil does a really good job of distracting Christians' attention away from what they need to see and over to whatever he wants us to see. Brother and sister in Christ, please see the precious souls all around us who are made in the image of God and need to be saved! That's what God (not the devil) wants us to see and to whom He tells us to "go!" (Mark 16:15).