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Counterfeit: how can you tell the difference?

The shady character slinked his way into the electronics store and selected the largest, most expensive TV in the store. At the cash register, he laid down a spread of crisp, new, one-hundred dollar bills. The cashier placed the bills under her UV light but there was no security thread in the bill. Every last bill in his stack was counterfeit.

But, they looked real. They felt real. And, for all anyone else might know, they were real. While a bill might seem authentic, looks can be deceiving! But, there are ways to know for sure!

What application does this have to a Christian? Ask yourself this question: Is it possible for someone to be a "counterfeit Christian"? Could they look like a Christian, talk like a Christian, act like a Christian, but not actually be a Christian? There were some in Matthew 7:22 who looked the part, but Jesus said they were counterfeit (7:23). To be "authentic" in God's eyes, one must "do the will" of the Father (7:21)! Don't just "look" like a Christian! Be one!