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Christians that "mingle"

The Greek language has some cool words. Some are cool because they are the basis for some of our English words (like dunamis for dynamite). Some are cool because they are compound words that bring out some interesting literal meanings.

In First Corinthians 5:11, Christians are instructed "not to keep company with" a brother who becomes impenitently enslaved to a life of habitual sin. The expression "not to keep company with" comes from one Greek word, sunanamignumi, which is a compound of three Greek words:

mignumi ("mingle, mix") and ana ("up") and sun ("with, together"). The word literally means, "mingle up together with." We are not to "mingle up together with" brethren living in sin.

However, what does that imply? It implies that Christians would naturally and definitely should be "mingling up together with" each other in social and friendly settings. So, on the positive side, are you mingling with your fellow Christians on a regular basis outside of worship?