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Event: 'Mother-Daughter Retreat at CFBC' Print
  Congregational Events
Date: Sunday, February 05, 2012 - 5:00 pm
Contact Info:

In His Image

Mother/Daughter Retreat
February 3-5, 2012

(Grandmothers welcome, too!)


Becky Bishop (Central Church of Christ, Winter Haven)
Maribel Preciado (6th St. Church of Christ, Pompano Beach)


Cheryl Wheeler (Central Church of Christ, Winter Haven)
Lucia Pacheco (6th St. Church of Christ, Pompano)
Michelle Hall (Central Church of Christ, Winter Haven)
Karla Matts (Hialeah Church of Christ)
Sabrina Deem (Orange Avenue Church of Christ, Eustis)

Costs: Ages 0-3, Free -- All others, $35.00 Each
SAVE $5.00 by pre-registering either by mail or phone before January 27th!
Friday, February 3
5:00 pm Registration Begins
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Singing
8:00 pm Lesson: Cheryl Wheeler & Lucia Pacheco
8:30 pm Movie & Popcorn... or... Board Games, Nails & Talking
10:30 pm Lights Out

Saturday, February 4
8:15 am Breakfast
9:00 am Singing
9:15 am Lesson: Michelle Hall & Karla Matts
10:00 am Craft/Photo Booth
11:00 am Games/Scavenger Hunt
11:30 am Lunch
1:00 pm Prayer Walk/Obstacle Course/Zip Line
3:00 pm

Free Mother/Daughter Time together
(Get your talent ready for tonight)

5:00 pm Dinner
6:00 pm Singing
7:00 pm Games/Ice Cream Social
8:00 pm Talent Show
10:00 pm Lights Out
Sunday, February 5
8:00 am Breakfast
8:45 am Clean Up Dining Hall & Cabins
9:30 am Worship: Sabrina Deem
10:30 am Dismiss

Need to bring:

  • an attitude for Learning and fun,
  • your Bible,
  • bed linens,
  • personal items,
  • flashlight,
  • bug spray,
  • favorite board games.

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