Let's Go Back to the Bible

You’re contagious!

Have you ever contracted some kind of sickness from being around someone at work or at school or at church or just out in public somewhere? It happens. And sometimes we don’t even know “where we got it.” That’s because many people are contagious when they’re sick. 2019-11-20-Youre-contagious

Let’s look at this another way. Have you ever walked away from an encounter with someone (at work, at school, at church, out in public somewhere, etc.) with a smile on your face, with a happy spirit and feeling better than you did before that encounter? It happens. That’s because many people are contagious with their positive attitude, gracious spirit and acts of kindness.

Here’s the deal. You’re contagious, no matter what. When people “encounter” you, they will be affected (or, perhaps we should say, “infected”) by your demeanor, your behavior, your words, your reactions, etc. So, the question is, when people encounter you today, what will they contract from you? Will they be “infected” with Jesus-like symptoms or devil-like symptoms?