Let's Go Back to the Bible

Stay out of it!

Most pet dogs crave human interaction and human touch. They love to be scratched behind their ears or to get a good belly rub. But, have you ever met a dog who loved for a stranger to grab both of his ears in a firm grip and fiercely twist his head about? Of course not! And, if a stranger was so daring as to attempt such a foolish clash with a dog, in what sort of harm do you think that person would find himself while holding those ears and then immediately after? Not a good decision! Surely no right-thinking person would do anything like that! 2019-11-06-Stay-out-of-it

Listen to these words of wisdom from God: “He who passes by and meddles in a quarrel not his own is like one who takes a dog by the ears” (Prov. 26:17). What a vivid reminder that we need to mind our own business. When there is some kind of strife between a husband and a wife, between a parent and a child, between a brother and sister in Christ, etc., etc., may we (for our own good and for theirs) pass on by and not meddle! Meddling puts us (and them) in a hazardous position (like grabbing a dog by the ears). If it’s not yours, stay out of it!