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Now they're useless

So, do you have a pair of eclipse glasses? What are you going to do with those now? They were good for watching the eclipse, but what now? They are pretty much useless to you now!

What else do you have in your life that is no longer of any value to you? Are you carrying around anything that you should have let go years ago? Peter tells us how "the precious blood of Christ" has "redeemed" us from the "aimless conduct" that used to characterize our lives (1 Pet. 1:18-19). Think about that. The Bible describes my pre-Christian life as "aimless" or "futile" (NASB). It was useless, pointless and without any value--kind of like your eclipse glasses in the post-eclipse world.

What are you still carrying around from your pre-Christian life that you need to throw away? Are there some thoughts, some attitudes, some words, some associates, some behaviors, some habits that need to hit the bottom of the garbage can (along with your eclipse glasses)?