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Y2K Was Just a Few Months Ago. Right? David Sproule 419
Sometimes It’s OK to be Hard-headed! Dan Jenkins 524
Let These Words Sink Down into Your Ears David Sproule 495
Will 2009 Be the Final Chapter in Your Life? Dan Jenkins 380
The Reward Ahead Is So Marvelous Dan Jenkins 470
Will you teach them? Or let someone else? David Sproule 497
Approaching the Finishing Line Dan Jenkins 490
What Are You “Given To”? David Sproule 436
“Show Me Your Faith . . .” Dan Jenkins 446
Is There a Measurement Large Enough? David Sproule 499
“If you show partiality, you commit sin” (James 2:9) Dan Jenkins 495
Mary, Donuts & the Piano David Sproule 463
It Takes Conscious Effort to Enter Heaven Dan Jenkins 484
A Program or a Heart? Dan Jenkins 460
What’s so special about the first day of the week? David Sproule 484
You know who they are. They’re all just like you. David Sproule 461
The Perfect Plan from the Perfect Planner Dan Jenkins 414
"Why doesn’t the church of Christ have a piano in worship?” David Sproule 415
Worshiping Molech in 21st Century Dan Jenkins 433
Faith, Hope, Love & Church Attendance David Sproule 581

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